What is Thera-Seat, and who designed it?

Thera-Seat is a seat cushion designed to minimize pressure on the perineum area while sitting. It was co-designed by a pelvic pain sufferer, who understood exactly what the user needed.

How much is Thera-Seat?

Thera-Seat retails for $94.95 (plus shipping charges).

Where can I purchase Thera-Seat?

Thera-Seat can be purchased directly from our site or from one of our distributors. Please visit our SHOP to place an order, or to find a distributor.

Who would benefit from using Thera-Seat?

Thera-Seat was designed for people living with pelvic pain, such as: Prostatitis, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment, Vulvadinia, Interstitial Cystitis, Post-operative conditions involving the perineum and its surrounding areas, Hemorrhoids, and other conditions that prohibit prolonged sitting pressure on the perineum.

What makes Thera-Seat different from a donut cushion?

First, Thera-Seat has more surface area for greater comfort and support. Second, Thera-Seat’s discreet design does not draw attention to itself or to the user’s medical condition. (Compare that to a donut cushion, which is round, uncomfortable and draws stares from others.) In a nutshell, Thera-Seat offers the benefits of a donut cushion, without having to sit on one.

What does Thera-Seat look like? How big is it? What color is it?
Thera-Seat looks like an ordinary seat cushion. It has a square-ish shape with rounded corners on the back to fit most curved-back chairs. Thera-Seat’s dimensions and weight are approximately:
Length (front to back): 16.75 inches
Width (side to side): 15.5 inches
Depth / Thickness: 2.75 inches
Weight: a little over 1 pound
Thera-Seat cushions fit on standard airplane seats, and its slim profile allows it to fit on most car seats without raising your body too high. It is supportive enough to accommodate “Big & Tall” users (those who are over 6-ft. tall, and weigh over 200 lbs.). Currently, Thera-Seat is only available in black, but other colors will be available soon.
What is Thera-Seat made of?

Thera-Seat is made of a secret foam. Its unique properties provide a cushion that perfectly balances comfort and support, allowing the cushion to maintain a thin profile while supporting your weight. Additionally, the foam is non-absorbent to moisture/liquids. The addition of a specially designed padding and fabric cover conceal Thera-Seat’s cut-out, without impeding its function.

What is your Return Policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. To receive a refund, please return the  purchased cushion  within 30 days of receiving it. Cushion(s) must be in good condition. Along with your cushion, please include your order number (located on your invoice or packing slip), your name, address and telephone number. Please note, shipping costs are non-refundable. If you did not purchase directly from us, the retailer you purchased the cushion from may have additional information, so please contact them directly.


Please note: all exchanges are subject to a shipping charge and must be requested within thirty days of purchase. An RMA number must be obtained prior to sending the cushion back. Please email us at contact@theraseat.com to obtain RMA number.


Theraseat return address:


2261 Fortune Drive
Unit C
San Jose, CA 95131

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

You may email us at: contact@theraseat.com

How do I know if a TheraSeat is for me?

A great way to tell if a TheraSeat will work for you is to see if you have any relief from your symptoms when you sit on a toilet seat. Though not like a toilet seat at all, it’s much more comfortable than that, the Theraseat leaves pressure of that middle area allowing you to heal and your muscles to relax. 

What are the dimensions of the holes?

“Round” hole (note: shape is not a true circle):
8-1/2″W x 10-1/8″L


“Oval” hole:
5-3/8” W x 10-7/8”L